Image on different types of contact We are always happy to hear from you and looking to improve our services. If you have recently interacted with Orwell we would love to hear from you to find out what we did well and what we could improve. Please fill in our contact us form on the right side of this page.

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Guidance for completing forms

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  • If you have a complaint about any aspect of the service you have received from Orwell, please use our complaints procedure and contact form located at the top right of this page.
  • We aim to respond to all queries and comments within 10 calendar days.
  • If you have a general enquiry, please use our "Contact Us" form link.


Orwell is committed to providing quality services to all its customers. However, we know that occasionally something may go wrong and that you may feel the service was poor.

To help us improve our services Orwell invites and welcomes your feedback, both good and bad.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about something which Orwell has direct control for example:

  • The service we provide or should provide.
  • The standard or quality of service.
  • Our policy, procedure, documents or letters.
  • Attitude or performance of staff.
  • Failure to comply with our legal obligations.

If you have a complaint about a neighbour, please see our Anti-Social Behavior page for advice on what to do.

How to make a complaint

You can make a complaint by:

  • Telephoning one of our offices (0345 60 100 30)
  • Using the "Contact us form" on the right hand side of this page
  • Writing a letter
  • Emailing the details to
  • In person to your Housing Officer or Scheme Manager, or by visiting one of our offices.

At any stage of the procedure, if you wish to make your complaint in person a representative or friend, who may act and speak on your behalf, may accompany you.

All complaints received will be treated confidentially, with courtesy and as a matter of urgency and Orwell will record and monitor complaints with a view to improving and continually assessing the quality of service.

For details on how Orwell will deal with your complaint and our complaints procedure, the complaints procedure can be found on the right of this page.

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us, listed below are different ways to get in touch.

0345 60 100 30

Contact us form

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Orwell Complaints Procedure

How we will deal with your complaint

Stage 1

• Initially to be resolved by an appropriate member of staff, depending on the nature of the complaint.
• We may contact you for more details or to find out how you would like us to resolve it.
• We shall investigate and respond within 10 days of receiving your complaint.
• Alternatively, in exceptional cases, we will advise you if and why we need a little longer.

If you are not happy with our response, you must tell us within 28 days of receiving our response. 

Stage 2

• We will refer your complaint to the relevant Director or the Chief Executive, not previously involved in the complaint.
• They will respond within a further 10 days.

We will always tell you who is dealing with your complaint.

If you are still unhappy, please tell us again – within 28 days.

Stage 3

After stage 2, if you are still unhappy with the outcome, the next step would be to refer it to a Complaints Panel. The panel would comprise of two members of Orwell's board plus a resident or service user representative. 

• We will try to arrange the panel meeting at a time and location to suit you.
• We will confirm the details within 14 days although the panel meeting will take place within 35-42 days from the date the complaint was escalated. This will allow additional time to request further reports if required prior to the meeting.
• When we advise you of the outcome of the panel’s consideration of your complaint, we shall also give you details of how to appeal externally if you are still unhappy.

How you can appeal to someone else about Orwell’s final decision

If you are still dissatisfied once Orwell's complaints procedure has been exhausted, you can refer the complaint to a designated person or a recognised designated panel.

The role of a designated person is to facilitate resolution by providing advice and discussing matters with Orwell. A designated person can be an MP or a local District Councillor. 

If you do not wish to refer the complaint to a designated person or panel you must wait a period of 8 weeks before the complaint can be referred to the Housing Ombudsman - If the complaint is about support or care services provided by Orwell, the matter can be referred to the County Council, Local Authority or to the Care Quality Commission -