Equality and Inclusion

At Orwell we know that customers, employees and partners respond best when they feel they are being treated fairly and with respect. This is why we place Equality and Inclusion at the heart of all that we do.

Equality is about being fair and giving everyone the same opportunities. It is not about being treated the same. Inclusion is about recognising and valuing differences and ensuring that all have access to services, employment, and communities.
Keeping Equality and Inclusion at the forefront of every decision we make is crucial in order to ensure that we have a happy workforce who takes pride in their work, customers who feel looked after by staff who understand their needs, and partner
organisations who feel happy dealing with us and follow our example.

Equality and Inclusion is not just about impact assessing our strategies, policies and procedures, it is about our values being reinforced to create a strong culture. It is about investing in people to create a great place to work, where our employees feel
trusted to do their jobs and able to make innovative suggestions putting our customers at the heart of what we do.
Both as a landlord and employer we endeavour to...

Be Fair
Be Approachable
Have Integrity
Respect Others
Be Caring and Supportive

Orwell’s vision is, working as an organisation, with our partners and customers so that together we can make a difference.
In September 2014 Orwell achieved Leaders in Diversity accreditation from the National Centre for Diversity and we will continue to monitor and develop the way we do things to ensure that we are always improving.

This Single Equality Scheme has been designed to outline our approach to Equality and Inclusion and to show how we aim to develop over the next 3 years.

You can download and view The Single Equality Scheme booklet here. (This document is a PDF 400Kb)