Orwell Annual Garden Competition 2022

Calling all keen gardeners! Our annual gardening competition is now live. We will be accepting applications until August 31st. Good luck!

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The Orwell Annual Garden Competition is here and we are ready to accept applicants. If you would like to take part, please fill in the form below and upload your images. The competition will be judged by a board of selected enthusiasts and will be announced at the end of August. 

The categories include...

  • Use of small spaces/Indoor garden (Plant pots / Indoor Outdoor / Patio areas)
  • Sustainable garden (Veg, fruit, water butt, wildlife friendly)
  • Community garden (Any shared spaces)
  • All-round garden (Any other garden type not listed)

Prizes will be £50 for winners in each category.

We thank you all for taking part and sharing your hard work with us. Good luck!

Garden Competition Entry Form

(If you don't have a phone please state 'None')
(Please provide address if you are an Orwell tenant)
Share anything you may want to about your garden or yourself
Please make sure your images are in focus and positioned well. Images need to be landscape (long ways on your phone)
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