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Get involved in what is happening around the business. Have a say and make a difference!

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image of the resident group wheelHow you can get Involved

Orwell is committed to encouraging resident involvement. We want our residents to have an active role in helping to create a better environment and providing better services for everyone. You can help by getting involved in activities and groups and giving us feedback about our services.


What is the best way to get involved

The best way to get involved is in a way that suits you and your situation. Being involved can be flexible so that however much time you are able to commit to, there will be a role that will suit you. Our resident involvement wheel shows our governance structure and all the different involvement roles.

We understand that your time is valuable and we will endeavour to make your involvement a positive experience.

Resident Involvement Roles

Low Commitment Roles
Medium to Low Commitment Roles
Medium to High Commitment Roles
High Commitment Roles

Low Commitment Role header


Tenant Involvement Pool

Join and give us feedback from your own home.

You will be sent surveys and documents to comment and through providing feedback to surveys you will usually be entered in to a prize draw. Pool members will also be kept up to date with any new opportunities and, results of surveys and the work of our resident panels.



Share you views so we can continue to improve our services.  

We value your feedback and short surveys are carried out throughout the year by post, phone, email and on our website.  Alternatively, feedback/complaint cards are available from your local office, or from a member of Orwell staff. 

To find out more contact or leave a comment here.

Medium to Low Commitment Roles header


Orwell Community Representative (OCR)

As an OCR you will be a link with Orwell and a point of contact for residents in your community who may have issues to raise.

You will give feedback on what residents feel about the communal services provided in your area, and where residents feel improvements could be made.

To find out more about being an OCR or apply complete the form below or use the tenant involvement contact details.

If you are already an OCR please could you complete the survey below on a monthly basis:

Click here for the Orwell Community Representative Survey


Focus Groups

Small groups of residents get together to discuss and give feedback on topics from a specific area of the business.  E.g. how we carry out surveys, or Orwell's service standards.  

Have your say about a subject you are passionate about in an informal setting.  Refreshments will be provided


Media Group

Residents involved in the media group review Orwell's communications. 

Feedback is provided at meetings or by email

Equality and Inclusion (E & I)

If you are you passionate about Equality and Inclusion get involved with these groups

You would help us communicate and provide services in an accessible way.


Youth Group

18 or under and want to influence matters relevant to you.

Help provide opportunities for young people and get your voice heard.

To find out more about any of these involvement roles contact the Tenant Involvement Team


Tenant Inspectors

You could be looking at; day to day repairs; homes that are to be re-let; communal gardens; or even new homes to let. 

By checking work that has been carried out, and speaking to residents about the work, together we can make improvements. 

Medium to High Commitment Roles header


Task and Finish Groups

A flexible opportunity for any resident to join a group to carry a review on an area of the way Orwell works or does things.

You will receive training and support from the tenant involvement team. There will be the opportunity to find out about the way Orwell delivers services and question the members of staff responsible for managing the topic area under review.  A great way to gain new skills and experience to add to your CV.  This can be high commitment for a short period.


Residents' Associations

Make a difference in your own community, by applying for funding through Orwell's Community Investment Fund. 

You can organise events and improve facilities in the area where you live, and help to bring your community together. The amount of funding available for a group is worked out on £10 per household per year for the area that a residents group covers.

Current Orwell Resident’s Associations

We currently have the following Residents' Associations:

Name                           Area Covered 

Whiting Road               Whiting Rd, Cutler Rd, Sands Lane, Newcome Court, Fuller Rd

Bright Sparks               Newnham Court, St Catherine’s Court, Woodlark Close

Mallhursts                    Mallard Close, Hurst Rd

No group near you?  Start your own with support from Orwell's tenant involvement team.


Mystery Shopping

Be a mystery shopper and support us to maintain high customer service standards. Shoppers anonymously contact Orwell and record the response they   receive. They highlight good, and not so good practice, so we can make improvements where necessary, and celebrate good practice. 


Tenant Inspectors

You could be looking at; day to day repairs; homes that are to be re-let; communal gardens; or even new homes to let.

By checking work that has been carried out, and speaking to residents about the work, together we can make improvements. 

High Committment Roles header


Resident Steering Group

Members review, monitor and assess the impact of resident involvement.

You will work closely with Orwell's Board and senior management assessing how Orwell is running as a business and identifying areas where improvements could be made.

You will oversee the annual process of agreeing what areas of Orwell's business residents want reviewed by Task and Finish Groups each year.

To join the Steering Group residents will need to have relevant skills and knowledge, or the commitment to upskill.

Resident Steering Group Terms of reference.

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