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Customer Survey Satisfaction Results 2017

Customer Survey Satisfaction Results 2017

Customer Survey Satisfaction Results 2017

Customer Satisfaction Survey

This year Orwell completed a Customer Satisfaction Survey where a survey was sent to all of our tenants to complete. It gives you, as an Orwell tenant, the opportunity to give feedback on what you think of the services you receive. The information from this survey has now been collated and the results are below.

How many of you responded to the 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey:

Out of 3476 surveys sent we received 1469 back completed, a 42% response rate which is well above our previous response rates. Although we are really pleased with this response rate we would still like to see more tenants not missing the chance to have your say on the services provided by Orwell.


What did you tell us?

The good news is that the results have improved in four areas and stayed the same in another.

Areas where we have improved:

  • Overall service provided by Orwell – 93%
  • Value for money for rent 88%
  • Value for money for service charges 75%
  • Listening to tenant views 74%

Area where we have stayed the same

  • Quality of home - 90%

Comparison of 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey with the results of the previous survey.

Key Indicator Table

* Orwell’s previous Satisfaction Survey was sent out to a different third of our tenants each year over a three year cycle from 2012 to 2014.  To enable comparisons with the 2017 the results from the three year cycle survey have been combined.

Your feedback and comments are really important - they help us shape our services

581 tenants added additional comments to their survey forms. Of these:

  • 85 were positive
  • 336 were negative
  • 140 were requests for information
  • 20 were suggestions

As a result of your comments Orwell residents have been involved in helping us to look at ways to make improvements where areas of dissatisfaction have been identified.

Areas identified included:

  • Frequency of garden maintenance
  • Service charge value for money
  • Car parking
  • Neighbour nuisance
  • Repairs service complaints
  • Heating services

The feedback gained from this resident involvement has been included in an action plan which will help Orwell work towards making improvements to your services.

Satisfaction Survey Winners

All tenants responding to the Satisfaction Survey were included in a prize draw. The three survey winners for 2017 all receiving £100 worth of gift vouchers were:

  • Mrs Lowe -  Collimer Court

  • Mrs Coutts  - Cutler Road

  • Mr Taylor & Mrs Wright - Oak Crescent

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey and also to those who made comments. Everyone who raised issues or requested information receives a response from us. Your input helps us to improve the services we provide to you, and to all our tenants.

If you would be interested in resident involvement and the opportunity to be more involved in shaping the services Orwell provides, please contact:

Diane Piperno, Tenant Involvement and Worklessness Officer on 01473 228606  Email