Rewards and Incentives

Do you just put those Orwell surveys in the bin? If the answer is yes, think again, you could be missing a great opportunity. By completing and returning our Orwell survey forms you could be a real winner. Not only do you have a chance of winning some store vouchers, you could also help improve services for tenants.

You have the opportunity, as a resident, to give us your view on the services provided which will help us find out what Orwell are doing well or not so well. Your feedback from surveys and involvement activities directly influences the way the Orwell provides services. To help encourage and reward you for carrying out surveys or getting involved, Orwell set up a range of rewards and incentives. If you didn’t already know about these, and what is on offer, check the table below. So, please help us to improve our services and make them more cost-effective – get involved.

Rewards and Incentives

Reward or Incentive
How to get these rewards or incentives
Monthly Satisfaction surveys £50 Win one of the monthly prize draws by completing and returning the various satisfaction surveys.
Direct Debit

£50 Monthly

£250 Annually

Win either the monthly or annual prize draw for changing the way you pay your rent or service charge to Direct Debit.
Mystery Shopping £10 per shop Carry out mystery shopping as required
Tenant involvement activities

Reasonable travel and childcare costs, refreshments and lunch if appropriate.


Up to £100 - dependant on level of involvement.


£5 per shop

By attending involvement activities such as focus groups, different resident forum or panel meetings or tenant inspections.


By becoming a Resident Steering Group member and attending meetings, participating in a Task and Finish Group reviews or providing feedback as an Orwell Community Representative.


By becoming a mystery shopper  and carrying out mystery shopping as required

Community Investment Fund

£10 per property

The value is £10 per property covered by a recognised residents’ association, or sheltered scheme.

Funding will only be approved for projects supported by, and benefitting, all the community.

Estate Services Survey

1st - £100

2nd - £75

3rd - £50

This were last carried out in September 2018.
Care Services £50 Annually Survey sent annually to all residents who receive care services.
Support Services £50 Annually Survey sent annually to all residents who receive support services.