How do I sell my property?

Image of a shared ownership property in Capel St Mary  Owners have a choice of how to sell their home;

You can sell your share by selling the lease that you have. Under the terms of your lease, Orwell can nominate a purchaser to whom you must sell at a value set by an independent evaluator. The Association can make no claim on any profit you make when selling your share.  You will receive any gain or increase in the market value of your share subject to deductions for any outstanding rents or service charge arrears. Remember too, that you are responsible for paying valuation fees and your own legal expenses.

The property can also be sold in full. To do this, you would simultaneously buy the remaining share from the Association and sell the whole property to the new owner. Some properties can only be sold on to a buyer with a local connection to the area that the property is in. This would be detailed in your lease.

If you are thinking of selling your property, contact your Housing Officer for advice.