Women's Refuge

Image of a woman who is upset Our women's refuges located in Norfolk and Suffolk provide a safe environment for women and their children who are fleeing domestic abuse. The addresses of the accommodation are very confidential, and offer women the opportunity to take time out to make informed decisions about their futures. In particular, working on promoting self confidence and self esteem building. Working with in partnership with outside agencies to address housing issues, help with education or training and claiming benefits which they may be entitled to.

As part of the Temporary Social Housing Support that the Association offers, an Outreach service is also provided. The Outreach service provides support to women who are not ready to leave their current home, but would like support on safety planning and knowing what options are available to them.

The Association also employs advocacy workers who work closely with the Police and Victim Support Services to support women throughout the criminal process, with an aim of reducing repeat victimisation.