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Bronze Neurodiversity Champion award at Orwell

In the image from left to right - Claire Saltwell (Autism and ADHD Ipswich), Wendy Evans-Hendrick (Orwell Chief Executive Officer), Annie Clements (Autism and ADHD Ipswich) and Andrea Gray (Orwell Volunteer Development Coordinator).

Posted by: | 11th August 2021
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After joining Orwell Housing in November, it was my pleasure to work with Claire Saltwell and Annie Clements from Autism and ADHD Ipswich to achieve the MyNDPlace Bronze Neurodiversity Champion award which assesses how we respond to Neuro diversity within our organisation. The award required us to examine our working practices including documentation, approach, ways of interacting with our customers and colleagues, and look at whether they were supportive, and how we could make our processes more supportive and inclusive. The process was very straight forward, a pleasure to complete.

The journey has taught me a lot about how to tailor our communication to ensure it is received well by all we deal with.

Annie and Claire have offered continual support to Orwell Housing since they became established in Ipswich.

Orwell are proud to be only the 2nd business to have been awarded the accreditation so far and look forward to working towards our Silver award.

We are committed to ensuring our working environment, and our interaction with our customers and tenants, is as inclusive as we can make it.


Andrea Gray

Volunteer Development Coordinator 

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