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Image and link to view our current vacancies At Orwell, we embrace diversity in all that we do.  Our communities are diverse and we are committed to making sure our employee groups are equally diverse, so that we can truly connect with our customers and service users.  With this in mind we welcome applications from all individuals and will consider reasonable adjustments for the successful candidate.

We are equally excited about employing people with many years’ industry experience and qualifications as we are to employ people with different working backgrounds and not necessarily all the qualifications; the overriding need is that our people demonstrate the following qualities:

  • A good performance track record
  • Positive attitude
  • Excellent people/communication skills
  • A passion to achieve high standards

Our leaders, from directors to team leaders, play a vital role in recruiting ‘right first time – in time’, often in dynamic circumstances. They are often thinking about the people who can do the job both now and in the future and use a variety of approaches to test this, including competency based interviews.

Our Job Vacancies page is updated often so please come back to see if your ideal job is available. We are proud to be listed within The Sunday Times best companies to work for 2017.

image and link to the Gender Pay Gap report The Gender Pay Gap report is now published and you can download using this link. Gender Pay Gap Report The file is less than 1Mb and is a PDF.


Care Apprentice Scheme

Looking to start a rewarding career at one of the region’s most diverse social care organisations? Orwell is a great place to earn while you learn.

We are recruiting Care Apprentices across Suffolk, to commence in September 2018.

If your application is successful, we will initially offer a two-week work experience/shadowing placement so that you can see whether the role is for you.  When you accept a Care Apprentice position with us, you’ll train to achieve a Level 2 Diploma in Care (RQF) qualification and, at the same time, gain hands-on person-centred work experience in one of our busy care schemes for older people.  Apprentices are supported throughout the training period: you’ll have a mentor and a buddy and be closely supervised by more senior staff.  There is an in-house induction programme for you to join and other skills training is provided too.

We foster an environment of approachability, fairness, integrity and respect and we provide Care Apprentices with a free DBS check and uniform.  Orwell rewards exceptional work and we’ll support your further training in Health and Social Care if you stay beyond the apprenticeship period: our Care Academy is designed to maximise your learning experience and development potential. Why else should you join Orwell [pdf] 441KB

If you are interested in earning while you learn as an Orwell Apprentice, please submit an expression of interest via email to together with a supporting statement explaining why you’d like to start your caring career at Orwell.

Orwell is committed to safeguarding and safe employment and the principles of empowerment.  Successful applicants will be required to complete an Enhanced DBS Disclosure.

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Orwell aim to offer our tenants the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing safe, manageable and comfortable homes with the support they need to enable them to make choices and decisions about the way they live.

Volunteers play a vital role in helping us achieve our aims, and compliment the work undertaken by paid staff. As a not for profit organisation, Orwell welcome volunteers to assist in the work we undertake, and believe that volunteers really can and do make a difference to people’s lives.

Volunteers are welcome in all areas of the business. Whatever your reasons for wanting to volunteer with us, whether you want to make new friends, share a skill or hobby or are looking to gain experience to improve your employment prospects; if you have some spare time to offer on a regular basis, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to apply please complete our volunteer form below, or for more information contact our Human Resources team on 01473 228781 or

Volunteer Application Form
Data within this form is being collected in accordance with Orwell’s Privacy Notice which can be viewed here:

Volunteer Profiles

Below are some downloadable pdf profiles. These profiles are less than 50Kb each. 

Image and download link for the Admin Volunteer profile   Image and download link for the Arts and crafts Volunteer profile   Image and download link for the Cooking Volunteer profile   Image and download link for the Gardening Volunteer profile   Image and download link for the Sports Activities Volunteer profile

Apprentice Work at Orwell

Orwell has employed a total of 22 apprentices in areas of support and care, plumbing, capentry, gardening, administration and finance. To celebrate the success of our very own apprentices, below are a couple of apprentice profiles who have or currently are completing their apprenticeships with Orwell.

Jessica Townley

Image of an Orwell ApprenticeMy name is Jessica Townley and I have completed an apprenticeship in Health & Social Care, whilst working with Orwell as an Apprentice Support Worker. In August 2015 I secured a permanent Support Worker role with Orwell.

Before I commenced my apprenticeship, I was at college studying Health and Social Care. I found that college wasn’t for me as I learn much better in a practical way, i.e. on the job. At college I was just reading and writing. So I thought an Apprenticeship would be a good idea as I could carry on learning but be able learn on the job and get the hands on experience and get a qualification.

Please describe your apprenticeship role; what did you do on a day to day basis?

My role with Orwell as an Apprentice Support Worker, was working with adults with learning disabilities. I supported individuals with their daily living tasks, supporting them in the community and promoting independence.

What did you like about working in your area and what were the best parts of the job?

I really enjoy working in this area as I feel like I am making a difference to someone else’s life and enjoy communicating with other people, rather than sitting at a desk and writing. The best parts of the job I have found have been gaining a lot more confidence, as when I started my apprenticeship I was very shy but I was able to come out on my shell and feel better about myself.

Please advise what the challenges to the job were?

There are challenges within the job but Orwell are an excellent company as they give you training on what you need to help you in the work place.  There are also Team Leaders or other colleagues who work together and give you advice and guidance.

What are your personal achievements?

At school they didn’t really see me achieving much, as I was not very good academically and I wanted to prove them wrong and so I worked really hard. My personal achievement was I feel I have achieved this, as after my apprenticeship finished Orwell offered me a job and now I am a full time Support Worker.

How would you describe the training you have been given through Orwell?

There has been so much training that Orwell has provided me with that has helped me in the work place, but it has also helped with my qualification. I feel like Orwell has really given me a chance and given me a lot of training that I would not have achieved if I were still at college. Orwell is also good as you feel the support from everyone as everyone works well as a team to give the best outcome for their services. 

James May

Image of an Orwell ApprenticeMy name is James May and I have completed a Level 2 apprenticeship in Horticulture, whilst working with Orwell as a Gardening Apprentice. In May 2016 I secured a permanent Mobile Gardener role with Orwell.

Before I was commenced my apprenticeship, I was working in the Catering Industry. I have always liked being outside, and like gardening. I liked the idea of learning on the job and working in a team, and wanted to achieve a qualification.

Please describe your apprenticeship role; what do you do on a day to day basis?

For the first three months of my apprenticeship I was based at Felixstowe with a Caretaker. I was set tasks that I was responsible for, such as litter picking and planters. I now work with the Mobile Gardening team, and get involved with everything they do.

What do you like about working in your area and what are the best parts of the job?

I really enjoy the team work and being outside. I enjoy communicating with the tenants, who are our customers and I particularly like working with maintaining machinery.

Please advise what the challenges to the job were?

Learning the different plant types as part of one of my apprenticeship modules was quite difficult, but with support and guidance from my mentor I was able to do it. Not all of the work is practical with my apprenticeship, it requires commitment and dedication.

What are your personal achievements?

I have really grown in confidence throughout my apprenticeship. I have learnt lots of new knowledge and skills, in particular maintaining machinery, planting and customer service. My aim is to complete the Level 3 Apprenticeship in Horticulture.

How would you describe the training you have been given through Orwell?

The training provided by Orwell has really helped me. I have completed training such as Asbestos, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, Manual Handling, Ladders and Safeguarding. 

Work Experience Profiles

Mollie Stagg – Human Resources department

Mollie joined Orwell from Chantry Academy, for a week’s work experience placement in September 2016. Mollie assisted the team with administration duties and was a great help during her time. Mollie has since returned to help the team in the capacity of a Relief Administrator. Here’s what Mollie had to say about her Work Experience placement with Orwell:

‘’I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Orwell Housing and I feel like I have gained a huge amount within the working world. Throughout the week I have been able to widen my knowledge and my work skills, organisation skills, numeracy skills and teamwork with the help from everyone at Orwell.

The greatest achievements of the whole work experience period would be that I was able to hugely gain more experience using both my communication skills and team work.

This work experience has also made me change my idea of future careers in to doing office/administration work due to my experiences this week.

Overall I feel like Orwell has helped me greatly, and I have accomplished everything and more than I wanted out of this experience.’’

George Foulkes – Orwell Repairs Service

George joined Orwell from Copleston High School for a week’s work experience placement in June 2017. George worked with one of our Multi-Skilled Craftspeople in Ipswich and surrounding areas, who were working on plumbing, carpentry, fencing or ground works. Here’s what George had to say about his Work Experience placement with Orwell:

‘’This placement has met my objectives and it is what I want to do. I learnt how to fit a door, do some tiling and a lot more. I feel good about life and I will be prepared for any jobs I do.’’

Nathan Carter – Property Services

Nathan joined Orwell from Northgate High School for a week’s work experience placement in July 2017. Nathan worked within our Voids and Painting teams in Ipswich and surrounding areas. Nathan worked with a void operative, working in empty homes refurbishing them ready for new tenants. He also worked with our painting team assisting them in redecorating the outside of our homes or internally if the weather was poor. Here’s what Nathan had to say about his Work Experience placement with Orwell:

‘’I have learnt to be more responsible to take on work and this placement has met my objectives. I have more of a look on what working life is like and realise that I will need to work harder.’’

Fenton Driver – Gardening team

Fenton joined Orwell from Stoke High School for a week’s work experience placement in    July 2017. Fenton worked within our Mobile Gardening team in Ipswich and surrounding areas, tending to and maintaining the upkeep of our communal gardens for our customers to enjoy. Here’s what Fenton had to say about his Work Experience placement with Orwell:

‘’I enjoyed learning how to use equipment, how to do general gardening skills such as cutting grass and weeding, and getting a taste of working life. The new skills I have learnt are learning to use new equipment and talking to members of the public. My greatest achievement has been realising that I can fit into a working environment. The placement has helped me to realise that it is important to get in the working world as soon as possible to get a better understanding of work.’’