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Social Value Report 2023

On this page you can find our Social Value Report 2023. We have produced it as a FlipHTML document and a PDF download. Click on the image below to view the report.

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Social Value Report 2023

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Social Value Report 2023

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Our Social Value

60 Years on from our inception, Orwell continues to believe that ‘together we make a difference.’ Our vision is that everyone has a safe place to call home, with the care and support they need to live their best life. We currently own or manage over 4,300 homes providing safe and secure accommodation for over 8,200 people and operate in 12 local authority areas. Our annual turnover is £48m with assets of £260m and we employ in the region of 800 people. We aim to provide housing, care and support services with customers at our heart.

This means that, even against the backdrop of very challenging financial circumstances, and a really tough external operating environment, we go further than just being a social landlord. For #teamorwell, fulfilling our mission and delivering on our vision means that we choose to do things which go way beyond our regulatory duties and responsibilities as a social housing provider. Whilst these are really important to us, and we make sure we meet all of those duties, we also do a lot more besides.

This report tells the story of the added social value that we create, which is what really makes a difference to our customers and the communities we serve. We will tell the stories of our customers and our colleagues proudly and shout about our successes because we know that this is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We are not just your average housing association!

Providing these additional services, and going the extra mile for our customers, means that we make conscious decisions to invest some of our income back into our communities, not because we have to but because we know it is the right thing to do and we know that there is more to being a housing association than simply providing bricks and mortar. A home is more than a house, and a community is more than an estate.

Social value is at the heart of all that we do. Not only does it intrinsically run through all of our main strategies and plans, it is woven into our procurement processes and we have high expectations of our suppliers. We expect our colleagues, our suppliers and our partners to deliver to high ethical and social standards.

Social value is a key part of the way we define and understand value for money. Value is not just about pounds and pence; it’s about a the wider worth created by an activity or service. This is why we have chosen not to measure and express our social value purely in financial terms, because the things which are meaningful to us and our customers are not always measurable in financial terms. Instead, our social value report is based on the core themes of Orwell's work and the stories that bring this work to life.


Access to education, employment and training

Provision of good quality, affordable homes

Supporting and listening to customers


Homelessness prevention

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Engagement and Wellbeing

We know that diversity within teams, and a feeling of belonging and being 100% comfortable to be your authentic self, significantly contributes to happiness in the workplace. It provides diversity of thought, bringing creative and innovative ideas and gives significant results for our customers. It’s so important to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to perform at their best.

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