Our Tenant Satisfaction Measures

Learn more about our latest customer satisfaction and health & safety performance by visiting our TSM page here.

Paying Rent and Charges

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your rent and other charges. This means offering a variety of options on how to pay so you can choose the best option for you.

Paying Rent And Charges Main

Failing to pay your rent or accommodation charges means Orwell staff must spend time that could be used to improve everyone’s home and quality of life. Paying your correct charges is important for us, for all our tenants and particularly for you. The best way to avoid arrears is to start as you mean to go on. Keeping your home should be a priority. Never put off paying the rent or accommodation charges to cover some other less important expense.

This section explains how and when you should pay, how to prevent arrears and what Orwell will do if you don’t.

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