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Smoke alarm regulation change

Posted by: | 17th October 2022
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In accordance with recent regulation changes it is now a legal requirement to have at least one smoke alarm on each storey of your home where there is a room used as living accommodation.

Orwell already has a programme of replacing or installing smoke alarms within our properties. We check your alarm(s) when we check the condition of your home (stock condition survey). We also check your alarms when we carry out our electrical tests, which we do every 5 years. It has also been our policy for a number of years for all our new properties and at a change of tenancy to have smoke alarms installed.

In the unlikely event of you not having smoke alarms in your home, contact us on 0345 60 100 30 and we will issue the relevant order to carry out this work. Your property may also require a carbon monoxide alarm if it contains a fixed combustion appliance typically powered by gas, oil, coal wood etc (for example a Gas or oil boiler). Again, we have had a programme of identifying the need for a carbon dioxide detector from Stock condition surveys, 5 year electrical test or gas testing. In the unlikely event of you not having a carbon monoxide detector in your home if you do have a gas or oil boiler please again contact us on 0345 60 100 30 and we will issue the relevant order to carry out the work.

We advise you to test all your smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors weekly by pressing the test button for a few seconds. If the detector beeper makes a continuous load sound the detector is working properly. If you find that your smoke alarms are not in working order, we advise you to replace the batteries which you are responsible for. If the alarm still does not work after replacing the batteries you should report
the fault to us and we will ensure the relevant repair is carried out. We advise that you replace your batteries at least once a year and the detector usually requires the following types of 9v batteries; everready long life or duracel type PP9.

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