Mutual Exchange

Image of the Home Exchange logo What is a Mutual Exchange?

A mutual exchange is basically a home swap with another tenant. You can swap homes with any council tenant or housing association tenant in the UK providing they have the right to mutual exchange and want to swap homes with you.

Most Orwell tenants living in general housing have the right to swap their home with other tenants of a council or housing association property. A mutual exchange may be a quick and easy way to achieve a move to somewhere more suitable.

There are rules that apply to carrying out an exchange and these may vary for tenants of more specialist housing or tenancies for example sheltered or supported housing. Not all Orwell tenancy agreements are the same and some may not allow an exchange to take place.

A leaflet is available which gives advice on how to find an exchange, the application procedure and the reasons why, in certain circumstances, an exchange cannot be permitted.

The Property Exchange Register flyer is a PDF (1.2Mb)


Orwell Home Exchange

To search for properties on the Orwell Home Exchange list or apply to join the list simply click the links below. Alternatively please contact our Customer Services Team to request a mutual exchange registration form.

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