Sir Robert Hitcham Almshouses

Image of Sir Robert Hitcham Almshouse, Framlingham History of Sir Robert Hitcham Almshouses

Sir Robert Hitcham held a career in law at the highest level. He became a barrister at Gray’s Inn and held posts including Attorney General to Anne of Denmark. Following this, King James I knighted him on 29th June 1604.

From the wealth he accumulated, Sir Robert Hitcham purchased Framlingham Castle from the Earl of Suffolk in 1635 for a total of £14000. Within his will following his death in 1636, he instructed for the Castle to be demolished and a poor house to be erected in its place. The Almshouses where originally constructed in 1640 for six widows and six widowers. Males would receive a hat, a blue coat annually, and women a bonnet and gown,

The Almshouses retain their original 17th Century character, though have been refurbished making the properties safer and more habitable. 


  • Spacious lounge
  • Newly fitted kitchen
  • Bathroom or wetroom
  • Communal gardens to front and rear
  • Individual rear garden


  • An emergency intercom alarm system with pull cord
  • Equipped with central heating

What next?

To be considered for living at Sir Robert Hitcham Almshouses, applicants must be a minimum of 55 years of age. Residency within the local area must have been held for a minimum of two years, or have local connections within the area. Applicants will need to register with Gateway to Homechoice to be considered for a property. An internal applicant register will also be held by our dedicated Almshouses member of staff.