Website Accessibility

Image of a keyboard with an accessibility logo Orwell Housing Association aims to make this website accessible to all visitors and is viewable in the widest possible range of web-browsing technology. To achieve this goal, the website was created in accordance with certain web standards and government guidelines.

All of the pages within the website conform to the Accessibility standards which are set out by W3C and other accessibility guidance. The Orwell Housing Association website has been tested against W3C guidelines. Based on the websites latest evaluation, the Association is pleased to confirm that the website meets Conformance Level Double A. The website is due for an update and will be completing this in the later stage of 2017.

Full details of the standards can been found at         

If you experience any problems when using the Association's website or would like to suggest some improvements that could be made, please contact our Customer Service Team. Our team can be contacted by emailing or by calling 0345 60 100 30.

Please note that information held on this website, external to the Association's website, the Association can hold no responsibility for the content of such sites or the results of any action taken following guidance on these sites.